Ancient and Contemporary Irish Music for Harp, Volume 3

Dunluce Castle, Portrush, County Antrim

This iconic castle on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland is a stunning reminder of the ancient past on which we stand. Ireland’s rich musical heritage is embodied in the harp. The harp of ancient kings, bards and of the people. There was once a time when every great house had its harper. The harper would play for times of ceremony, for times of joy and dancing, for mourning and weeping and to bring peace upon those listening to its ethereal music.

This book is a tribute to the music of the harpers of the past. It contains my arrangements of some of my favourite pieces from the Bunting Collection, which resides at my alma mater, Queen’s University, Belfast.

It also contains music of contemporary Irish traditional musicians who are performing and composing today in a rich and vibrant traditional music scene in Northern Ireland and Donegal. I have arranged music for harp by contemporary Irish musicians, Manus Lunny, Jason O’Rourke, Catherine Sands, Patrick Davey and Rowan Leslie. This book is a tribute to the inspirational work of musicians in the north of Ireland today. I am indebted to these musicians for the inspiration they have given me.

I am so excited to use this book in my harp school as I teach my more advanced pupils of the great heritage of the Irish harp and also of the vibrant Irish music scene of the present. I am looking forward to developing harp players with a practical knowledge of their musical heritage and of the endless possibilities for new music for the Irish harp. This book is a stunning mix of old and new and promises to enrich your harp repertoire with authentic and stylish music from the north of Ireland.

To order a beautiful paperback copy of ‘Ancient and Contemporary Irish Music for Harp’, or to purchase a PDF copy, please visit the shop page.

“Delighted to receive a copy of this beautifully-produced publication by the wonderful Katy Bustard, which includes Katy’s arrangements for Irish harp of an impressive range of tunes from across the centuries, with a good number of modern compositions included, with great tunes by fabulous musicians including Jason O’Rourke, Catherine Sands and many more.”  Patrick Davey

Happy harping and best wishes, Katy xx

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