Lá na Cruite/ Harp Day 2022

Causeway Harp Ensemble

Each year on the 15th October, Ireland’s national body, Cruit Éireann/Harp Ireland heralds a national and worldwide celebration of Ireland’s harp, its music, players and makers.

Causeway Harp School, Lá na Cruite/ Harp Day 2022

Part of the celebrations include a ‘Harpers’ Call’, inviting harp players to contribute a video performance on a particular theme. This year’s theme was Harping Together. You can watch Causeway Harp School’s ensemble performance for Lá na Cruite Harp Day 2022 above 👆, or herehttps://fb.watch/gbrVVrNmei/ on Facebook. This is a new ensemble of my young teenage pupils and we recorded this on what was only our second meeting! I’m hugely proud of them.

On National Harp Day, these video performances are broadcast on Cruit Éireann’/ Harp Ireland’s social media and YouTube channels so that viewers can enjoy live harp music all day! You can watch this year’s performances here.

Events are not just online, but this year there were more than 80 harp events taking place around Ireland and abroad, featuring harp collaborations with storytellers, visual artists, singers, filmmakers, and other traditional musicians.

At Causeway Harp School, we champion the work of Cruit Éireann Harp Ireland for the wonderful work they do to celebrate, promote and support harp players, teachers and harp makers throughout Ireland, ensuring the continuation of the 1000 year old tradition of Irish harping and securing its bright future.

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